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General FAQ'S

What is it like to live in our coliving?

Suiters is designed for the comfort of our guests. Here, they can share time with the rest of the neighbors in the common areas or enjoy the comfort and privacy of their own suite.

Can anyone live in the coliving?

We want to create a community of professionals including entrepreneurs or postgraduate students who need a temporary (non-permanent) place of residence where they can work in a collaborative manner.

How sustainable is coliving?

All our projects will invest in sustainability, that is, by the unique architectural recovery of degraded spaces to help improve neighborhoods and cities.

Why Alicante?

Thanks to the climate, the light and the cultural, gastronomic and leisure resources that the city offers, Alicante is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the best places to live.

Why Madrid?

Madrid, the capital of opportunities and diversity, is one of the best cities in the world to live and work in. The hospitality of its people makes everyone who visits the city fall in love with it and feel at home.

About your booking

Is it possible to visit the coliving before booking?

Of course! If you wish to visit the coliving before making your reservation, please send us an email to alicante.mercado@wearesuiters.com

Is any minimun stay?

Yes, 1 month.

How can I book a room?

Fill our contact form on the website and we will inform you about our online booking procedure.

Is there any administration fee to ask for a reservation?

There is no admin fee on the booking process.

How far in advance should I book?

From Suiters we advise our guests to make their reservation at least 3 months in advance.

Can the reservation be cancelled?

Yes, the reservation can be cancelled 30 days in advance.

About your stay

Do I have to pay any extra amount for the bills?

No, Internet, WiFi, electricity, water and gas are included in the month’s rent.

Is cleaning of the room included?

Yes, weekly cleaning is included and 15 days bed clothes are changed.

Is the cleaning of the common areas included?

Yes, our cleaning team is in charge of cleaning all the common areas on a daily basis.

Is a deposit required?

One-month deposit required, and must be pay once you book yout Suite.

How can I pay?

By bank transfer/debit or credit card/SEPA transfer.

Can I leave the coliving before the end of my contract?

If you wish to end your stay in Suiters earlier than planned, you must give 30 days notice.

Can I extend my stay at Suiters?

Of course you can! In Suiters we will be delighted to have you more time with us, but you must notify the decision with 30 days in advance.

About community

What kind of events are organized at Suiters?

We organize a wide variety of events, focused on the enjoyment and interaction of our colivers. Every week we update our agenda with sports, gastronomic, cultural, etc. plans. All our guests are invited to participate and can even contribute new ideas or plans!

How can I communicate once installed?

Suiters has an app that allows colivers to communicate through the forum, include additional services, find out about new events each week, etc.

Is it allow to Smoke?

Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed.

Can children be accommodated?

No, children are not allowed to stay in the building.

Can I have visitors?

A máximum of 2 visitors are allowed per suite before 20.30, during our “quiet hours”

If we are a couple, do we pay any extra fee

Yes, 200 euros extra per month.