Carlos Perez

17 August 2023

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What is Coliving? Discover the benefits of living in Suiters


In an ever-evolving world, traditional ways of living are being challenged by new alternatives. One of the most popular innovations gaining popularity is Coliving, a trend that redefines the way people experience urban living and community. In this article, you will dive into the concept of Coliving and discover the unique benefits offered by Suiters, a Coliving located in the centre of Alicante, which invites you to live under the motto “Home, Sweet Home”.


What is Coliving?


Coliving is a housing alternative that promotes community, interaction and well-being.  This new concept of flex living, which was born in the USA and over time has been installed in Europe, is based on sharing common spaces with the rest of the residents and at the same time, enjoying the privacy of your own suite. The protagonists of this new movement are usually young professionals or digital nomads, who are looking to spend a certain amount of time in a city.



For this reason, the structure of our Suiters building combines private suites with common areas, all of them fully equipped and designed to provide maximum comfort to our guests.

Having different categories of accommodation means that our guests can choose the option that best suits their needs. Cozier suites, larger suites, suites for one or two people, etc. This flexibility is also reflected in the contract, which can have a minimum duration of 1 month and a maximum of 11 months.


During your stay with us, you will discover all the benefits of living in a community from the privacy of your own suite. In addition, all essential utilities such as water, electricity, wifi and cleaning are included.



Another key point of Coliving is that in these buildings, different entertainment and workspaces coexist. Our residents can boost their productivity in our coworking space, keep active in our gym or relax, breathing fresh air on our amazing rooftop terrace.


In the quest to offer the best experience for the colivers, Suiters creates a new weekly agenda of events and activities aimed at the disconnection and socialisation of its residents. In addition, its privileged location, right in the centre of Alicante, allows residents to immerse themselves in urban life and explore the charms of the city, with the main public transport links within easy reach.


Finally, it is important to note that these projects often have sustainability as a fundamental value. At Suiters we are committed to the architectural reclamation of degraded spaces to create better neighbourhoods and cities. All this makes Suiters the perfect example of how Coliving is transforming the way we experience urban life, community and personal space.


Coliving is a great way to live. Suiters is even better.